Wedding Duties

Raaj Kensington MCThere is only one chance to get your day right. Each event is unique and the duties I perform will be tailored to your event. Employing a good, professional Asian Toastmaster ensures that the day will run smoothly at a fraction of the cost of your other expenses.

Typically, I carry out the following duties:

· Advise on wedding etiquette and customs prior to and during the big day.

· Be at the reception venue well before the arrival of the couple so that I can liaise with the catering manager, photographer, DJs etc about the way the day will be run.

· Receive and direct your guests for welcome drinks, facilities etc.

· Receive and escort the Bride and Bridegroom on their arrival.

· Assist the official photographer as required.

· Organise the receiving line and introduce the guests to the hosts

· Announce that the Wedding Breakfast/Dinner is to be served and call your guests to table.

· Announce the grand entrance of the Bride and Bridegroom and escort them to the top table.

· Say Grace (religious/nonreligious) or introduce a chosen guest to do so.

· Introduce the formal speakers and assist with any presentations

· Announce the host/guests who will propose the traditional toasts.

· Coordinate distribution of bouquets and presents.

· Announce and direct the cutting of the wedding cake.

· At the completion of the meal arrange for the banqueting suite to be cleared and prepared for any entertainment to follow.

· Introduce the DJ and entertainers

· Announce the first dance

Asian Wedding Toastmaster
Asian Wedding Toastmaster

The above duties will be tailored to suit the needs of your special day. Having been engaged for many wedding receptions, I have the experience of every variation from the traditional norm. My overarching aim is to ensure that you as the client can enjoy the whole proceedings knowing that I am contributing significantly in looking after your guests.


Prior to your event a brain storming session can be arranged to ensure your needs have been explicitly expressed, explained and evaluated so that nothing is left to chance. A professional toastmaster can make the difference between the perfect day and near disaster.

With Asian Weddings I usually help structure the day to ensure all religious and customary duties are announced and explained as required.

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