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About MeI am one of the few Asian Toastmasters professionally trained with the Executive Guild of Toastmasters and Towncriers. I was one of the first to be part of a British Toastmaster’s guild.

I have over 20 year’s experience in management (project, financial and events) with a strong interest in personal development, Improv and Neuro Linguistics Programming. These skills have proved to be invaluable as an Asian Toastmaster, Master of Ceremonies and a Public Speaker. Being involved in numerous commercial and non-commercial events, I have the agility and ability to adapt to your unique occasion, be it formal or informal. I also have the ability to present in front of camera, being a regular presenter for The Asian Today’s vlog “So What’s Happening?”

BBC's Tommy Sandhu and the Asian Toastmaster
Tommy Sandhu and the Asian Toastmaster

I have been trained by Peter York, Founder and President of the Executive Guild of Toastmasters and Town Criers. Peter is one of the best Toastmasters of his generation, he was trained by Ivor Spencer MBE, who officiated at over 1,000 royal events. Peter and Ivor both presented a case of Nebuchadnezzar of champagne to the Late Queen Mother on the occasion of her 80th birthday. They also hosted many receptions for her.   With this training I am familiar with the protocol of a professional Toastmaster with its history dating back to the Middle Ages.

Asian Toastmaster and Public Speaker, Raaj Shamji
Asian Toastmaster and Public Speaker, Raaj Shamji (Pic Jas Sansi)

I am a proud husband and father of 3 young children. I am a born and bred West Midlander (Republic of Walsall) with my main areas of work being in the Midlands, however, I will continue to operate in nationwide. I am prepared to travel throughout the UK and further afield should the need arise.

Asian Toastmaster outside 10 Downing Street
Asian Toastmaster outside 10 Downing Street

Asian toastmaster with Silpa Raaj shamji royal wedding

I had the privilege of attending the Royal Wedding in May 2018 with my wife. One my highlights. I consistently volunteer in supporting community events and making sure their events run professionally. I engage in many community based projects to bring those marginalised closer to decision makers. One such project is Forward Together.

For further information on how I can assist you with your special event please contact me on 07976 032227 or email me raaj.shamji@yahoo.com.

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